How to Fix LG X Venture that Won’t Turn On

LG X Venture

Learn how to fix the issue of an LG X Venture that won’t turn on based on the possible situation that causes the issue and finds out the best time to take the phone to a technician for a professional help.

Phone owner of LG X Venture, have you ever find that your phone won’t turn on? If so, what do you do about it? Surprisingly, this is an issue that happens to all type of smartphone. To deal with this issue, try the following possible solution:

Charge the phone. This is a possible solution for this problem. It is possible that the phone has run out its power and won’t turn on. To fix this issue, connect the phone to a charger and charge it. Make sure that charging icon shows up on the screen as the sign that the charging process is working. Charge the phone for several minutes before turning it on.

Boot into Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, no 3rd party app is temporarily disabled. It means that if one of those apps is causing trouble with the system and makes the phone won’t turn on, the phone should be able to boot successfully. In this case, the only thing you can do is to find the troubled app, disable or uninstall it. You can do that in Safe Mode and after that, boot the phone back to standard operating mode.

Boot into Recovery Mode. In Recovery Mode, Android interface won’t be loaded. If the real cause of this issue is in the interface, the phone should be able to boot into Recovery Mode. But if the phone still won’t boot to Recovery Mode, it means there is a problem with the system of the phone.

If you suspect the cause of this issue is in the interface and the phone system, it will be best to ask for professional help. Bring the phone to a technician to have a better look at it, fix it and give it back to you.