How to Wipe Cache Partition on LG X Venture

LG X Venture

Learn how to wipe cache partition on LG X Venture as part of troubleshooting action to deal with the issue on the phone performance by getting rid of bad and corrupted cache stored on its cache partition.

Phone owner of LG X Venture that having a problem with their phone that keeps freezing, crashes, runs out of storage for an inexplicable reason or another kind of issues could try wipe cache partition before factory reset the phone. Bad and corrupted cache is one of the main cause for such issue, thus clearing the entire cache on the phone is a good idea to fix the problem.

Wipe cache partition on LG X Venture won’t erase any data on the phone. It only erases temporary data called cache, where it helps to make loading process faster. Once it was erased, the phone system will rebuild new cache again, which means there is nothing to worry about.

How to Wipe Cache Partition on LG X Venture

To erase cache partition on LG X Venture, please follow the guide below:

  1. Go to “Settings” application in your phone.
  2. Scroll down until you come up with “Storage” and wait for the phone to finish calculating the data.
  3. Since you want to clear out and wipe cache partition, then you need to tap on “Cache Data” section.
  4. A message will show up and warn you that this action will clear the cache of the entire app on the phone.
  5. Choose “OK” and let the process begin. It may take some time before the process is complete, depend on the amount of cache that has been build up all this time.
  6. Wait for the process to complete. When it’s done, the amount of data cache will reduce significantly.

Those who have a custom recovery installed on their phone may try to wipe cache partition from Recovery Mode. The same option of wipe cache partition is also available in Recovery Mode.

After the process is complete, the phone system will rebuild the cache once more. If the problem on the phone happens because of bad cache, this action will fix it but if it was caused by something else, the same problem will reappear. In this case, performing factory reset may be the only way out to fix this issue, but please remember to try wiping cache partition first.