How to Fix LG X Venture Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

LG X Venture

Learn how to deal with LG X Venture screen that won’t auto rotate, where the screen didn’t rotate automatically when the phone orientation changing from vertically to horizontally during the time when it was used.

This day, all smartphone was already equipped with auto rotate screen feature. When the feature is enabling, the screen orientation will change following the phone movement. This feature works great for viewing movie and video.

LG X Venture is also equipped with this feature. But there have been reports that this feature didn’t work. The screen won’t auto rotate no matter how many times the phone move.

To fix this issue, start by making sure that the feature is already on. Check it through Quick Settings. Swipe down the screen to bring Quick Setting and find the auto rotate icon. If the feature is already on, it should be highlighted in yellow. If not, tap it to enable it and check whether it has work or not.

The feature should be able to work now after you enable it. But if it still not working, try restarting the phone. Restart the phone will clear glitches and crashes on the system. When the system crashes, some or even the entire part of the phone function can’t work as it should be, for example, the screen won’t auto rotate. Restart the phone will clear the crash and solve this issue.

But what if enabling the feature and restarting the phone didn’t solve the problem? If that is the case, take the device to a technician. There could be broken hardware or software on the phone. It is most likely to happen after the phone gets soaked or get bumped. The technician should be able to find out the real cause of this issue and fix it for you, or you can replace it with a new one if you really need this feature.