How to Fix LG V30 that Won’t Turn On

LG V30

Steps by steps guide that you need to follow to fix LG V30 that refuse to turn on based on the possible cause of this issue and have the phone turn on in no time and ready to use once more.

How do you deal with and LG V30 that refuse to turn on? You need to work this issue systematically, means you need to deal with one possible cause to the next until you found the real cause and decide the best solution.

The phone is running out of power

The solution for this cause is of course charging the battery. Grab the power supply, plug the cable and charge the phone. Remember that a phone needs a couple of minutes of charging before it ready to turn on.

3rd party app that create chaos on the system

Let’s admit it. There are many great applications out there but there are also some bad ones. Bad app is those apps that were built not properly or simply not compatible with the system of the phone. When it happen, it could bring problem to the phone system itself, in this case it refuses to turn on.

The solution is to boot the phone into Safe Mode. If this problem happen because of a 3rd party app, you will have no problem booting the phone to Safe Mode. Boot the phone into Safe Mode and uninstall the culprit.

Problem with firmware and/or hardware

If you can’t boot the phone into Safe Mode, there could be a problem with the firmware. You need to make sure of it by booting the phone into Recovery Mode. If it works, you know where the problem lies and for this one, you need to go to a repair store.

If you can’t boot it into Recovery Mode as well, there could be a hardware related issue. This is possible if you just drop the phone or it get wet. If the phone is wet, dry it completely before trying to turn it on. If nothing works, it’s time to go to a repair store.

Hopefully you find the real cause of this issue and have the phone turn back on in no time.