How to Fix LG V30 that Won’t Charge

LG V30

Steps by steps guide that you need to follow to fix LG V30 that won’t charge based on the possible cause of this issue and have the phone turn on in no time and ready to use once more.

Want to know how to fix LG V30 that won’t charge? It is a frustrating issue having a smartphone that won’t charge because it actually means you can’t use the phone. But do not worry yet. Try out the following suggestion to fix it based on the possible cause of the problem.

Power outlet didn’t working properly

It is possible that the power outlet you use is not working properly. Try different power outlet and see how it works.

Firmware crash

Firmware crash is not a good thing because it affects everything including tricking the system to think that the battery is already full and don’t need to charge. To deal with it, restart the phone to clear the crash and have it ready to charge once more.

Broken charger part

When you can’t charge the phone, possibly there is something wrong with the charger part. It could be broken cable, which is very possible seeing the way people use charging cable (flexing, wrapping, unwrapping, and plug it in different kind of angle). Use different cable to check for this possibility.

Broken adapter is also a possibility. The best way to make sure if the adapter is the source of the issue is by using different adapter. If the other adapter works, it means you already found the source of this problem.

Bent metal connector

Check the port and USB socket. Look for any sign of bent metal connector. If the connector is bent, it won’t be able to deliver the current properly. Use a pin or something similar to straighten the bent connector and give it one more try.

One more thing, you need to make sure that the socket is clean from dust and debris because those kinds of things will stop the current from running.

Have you found the real cause of this issue? Get it fix right away and have the phone charge and ready to use.