How to Fix LG V30 Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

LG V30

Learn how to set auto screen rotation on an LG V30 and how to handle auto rotate feature that didn’t work, when the screen won’t auto rotate during the time of use and have it works properly in no time.

Auto rotation is a simple feature that is available on all types of smartphone this day including LG V30. When you enable it, the screen will rotate automatically whenever you change the phone orientation.

But what if this feature didn’t work? What if the screen of your LG V30 won’t auto rotate?

The first thing to do is to check the setting of this feature. Are you sure you had enable it? It is possible that you accidentally disable the feature thus it won’t work.

Check the setting of auto rotation feature from LG V30 Quick Settings. Swipe down the screen to bring Quick Settings and look for auto rotation icon. Tap the icon to enable it.

Once you make sure that the feature is enabling, try it. Change the phone orientation and see how it goes. The screen should rotate automatically now.

What if it’s still not working? Restart the phone to clear crash and glitch that makes this feature didn’t work properly. A simple restart will clear things up and now you can try for the auto rotate screen feature once more.

After everything you do and the screen still won’t auto rotate, you could be sure there is something more that is going on. There could be some hardware malfunction or problem with the sensor that arrange the auto rotation screen.

What do you need to do? You need to take the phone to a repair store or to LG service center. Let the technician to take a look on the phone and check for the hardware and sensor of the phone. They can do a thorough check without ruining the phone and you can have the phone with a working auto-rotate screen feature in no time.