How to Fix LG Stylo 3 that Won’t Charge

LG Stylo 3

Get rid of the issue on LG Stylo 3 that won’t charge by following the step by step troubleshooting actions, aim to deal with the real cause of the issue to make sure that the phone is ready to charge once more.

When dealing with an issue of LG Stylo that won’t charge, the best way to work it is by dealing with the cause. There are several possible causes for this issue such as:

Broken electricity outlet

It is possible that the outlet you use didn’t work. Use another outlet and see how it goes. Try to connect the cable to a PC and see whether it works or not.

Glitch or crash

When the system is a crash, it won’t be able to recognize the charging action. It makes the phone think that the battery is already full, so it won’t allow the current to enter. The best way to deal with it is by restarting the phone. A simple restart will help the system to work normal and it means it is ready to charge.

Broken charger component

This is a possible cause for this issue. Part of the charger component may have broken down and it makes it unable to let the current flow.

Check for the cable first. Does it show any bump or you feel something is not right when you run your hand through the length of it? Replace it with another cable.

Check the charger adapter as well. Do you smell something funny about it? Perhaps there is some burned component inside. Use different adapter to check for this possibility.

Look on the charging port. Is it dirty? Does it full of debris and dust? What about the USB pin connector? Does it look normal or not? If it’s dirty, clean it up. If the pin is bent up, straighten it.

If nothing works, then you can suspect of some hardware malfunction. Why don’t you take the phone to a technician to get a better look of it and have them fix this problem for you?