How to Take a Screenshot on LG Stylo 3

LG Stylo 3

Two methods on how to take a screenshot on LG Stylo 3 gives you two different options when you want to capture an interesting screenshot, share it or simply archive it for safe keeping purpose.

There are two methods that user of LG Stylo 3 can use to take a screenshot. The first method is shared by other smartphone and the second methods work only for LG device.

Let’s see about the first method. Prepare the screen you want to capture. Make sure it was clean without any hanging notification or similar things like that.

  1. Press Power button and Volume Down button at the same time. It may seem trickier for the first several times because you need to make sure you did it correctly. It goes even trickier for most LG devices with its Power button located on the back of it. Check for your device on the location of both buttons before you proceed with this method.
  2. The screen will appear to flash. It is your code to release those button because it means you had successfully taken a screenshot.

Go to “Gallery > Screenshots” to view the screenshot you just were taken. You also can share it immediately using “Share” button on the Notification tray

The second methods, just like mentioned above, using something only available on LG device. To use this method, please follow the guideline below:

  1. Swipe down and pull Notification Panel.
  2. Tap on “Capture+” icon
  3. You are done with taking a screenshot. Now, you can annotate the screenshot by check the pen, eraser, and text icon located on the top of the bar.
  4. Check the mark icon on the top left of the screen to finish the process and save the screenshot.

As usual, prepare the screen you want to capture and make sure it has nothing to disturb your view on its content. Now you are ready to take as many screenshots as you want using the above methods.