How to Boot Into Safe Mode on LG Stylo 3

LG Stylo 3

The right way to boot LG Stylo 3 into safe mode and enter the temporary default setting mode to help you analyze and see the real cause of any issue on this phone, whether it was caused by 3rd party app or not.

Safe Mode on LG Stylo 3 – Safe Mode is a different kind of operational mode available in most smartphone including LG Stylo 3. The Safe Mode itself is a temporary mode where the entire phone’s setting was set to default. It means the user of the phone won’t find any of the 3rd party apps they installed after they bought the phone.

The idea of having Safe Mode is to allow the user to analyze their phone when the phone encounters some issue. In Safe Mode, none of the 3rd party app works so if one of those apps is wreaking havoc on the phone, it won’t happen in Safe Mode. It gives the user a clue about the real cause of the issue they have to deal with in standard operating mode.

To boot LG Stylo 3 into Safe Mode, follow this guideline below:

  1. Go to Home Screen.
  2. Press and hold Power button long enough until “Power menu” appear. Do it just like when you want to Power Off the phone.
  3. Tap and hold the “Power Off” option on the menu.
  4. A dialog box will appear that ask you whether you want to enter “Safe Mode” or not. Confirm this action by tap “OK” and let the device boot into Safe Mode.
  5. Look for “Safe Mode” text written on the bottom left of the screen as the sign that you had successfully boot into Safe Mode.

You can use the phone as usual, but you won’t be able to use any of those 3rd party apps you had in there. Check for any sign of a problem. If no such thing happens in safe mode, you can be sure the cause of all those problems is one of your 3rd party apps.

Find the troubled app, disable or uninstall it and see how it goes. Once you deal with the real cause of the problem (in this case, the 3rd party app), you can have your phone work normal once more.