LG Stylo 6 (LM-Q730TM / LM-Q730MM) User Manual

A smartphone is not complete without a manual. Take a look at the LG Stylo 6 user manual to fully optimize your device. The download link is yours to access.

LG Stylo 6 Design User Manual

No other feeling can compare to the excitement of buying a new phone. The LG Stylo 6 is no exception. Featuring quirky functions, users can have tons of fun with the device.

Before you jump straight into your gadget, it wouldn’t hurt to read the LG Stylo 6 (LM-Q730TM / LM-Q730MM) user manual. It contains all the necessary instructions that you need to get used to your phone.

Manuals may come off as a bit of a chore to read, but don’t let that get in the way. This guide is full of information to ensure a long-lasting phone life.

Still considering? Think no more. Check out this sneak peek of the manual. This summary might reassure you on getting the whole document.

Custom-designed Features

The LG Stylo 6 comes with its unique stylus pen. If you’re unsure of how to use it, then this chapter of the manual will greatly assist you. It tells you how to properly use the stylus, and how to integrate it with other phone apps.

Get to know more about the device’s multitasking feature in this same chapter. The manual lets you know how to utilize pop-up windows and multi-windows. The instructions include screenshots of the phone to give you a better idea of the function.

Basic Components

While it is the inside that counts, the outside is just as important as well. The same can be said for the LG Stylo 6. The manual shows an intricate visual diagram of the phone’s exterior parts. You’ll have an easier time identifying all of the buttons, jacks, and ports.

This section also lists out the precautions that you will need to heed when using your phone. Such information is included to prevent heavy damage due to possible mishandling.

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Card Installation

A phone is essentially useless without a functioning SIM Card. The manual has a complete guideline on how to install both your SIM Card and Memory Card correctly. It informs device owners regarding what types of cards can be inserted into the phone slot as well.

Not a big fan of words? You’re in luck. This section primarily consists of step-by-step picture guides. That way, users will not get easily stuck in the middle of the installation.

Editing Contact Lists

Have a list of contact numbers from your old device? The LG Stylo 6 user manual shows you a convenient way of importing your contacts to your new phone. This helps simplify the way of adding contacts instead of doing it manually.

For speed dial users, be sure to skim through this section. You can learn how to effectively add speed dial on your LG Stylo 6. You can also add favorite contacts, and create groups to better organize your list.

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Camera Options

Need help taking selfies on your LG Stylo 6? Look no further! This chapter of the manual gives a full description of the available photo modes on your camera. Additionally, it shows you how to switch to different cameras and filters.

On top of that, you can learn how to customize your camera to fit your preferences. Whether it’s the activated shutters, grids, or saving options, your photography concerns are answered in the manual.

Checking your Storage

The LG Stylo 6 comes with two kinds of storages, internal storage, and SD card. To read up more about them, you have come to the right section. This part will let you know how to check the amount of storage you have left.

If you don’t feel like using your SD card anymore, this section informs you how to properly unmount the card. This tip helps to avoid any corrupted file during the removing process.

Staying Connected

Connecting to the Internet has never been this easy. The manual gives you detailed instructions on how to pair your LG Stylo 6 (LM-Q730TM / LM-Q730MM) with Wi-Fi. There are steps that you can follow to make sure your gadget has a strong connection.

Similarly, you can learn how to share your mobile data with other devices. By skimming through the same section, you can learn how to utilize the phone’s USB Tethering function.

Download User Manual

There’s so much more you can read in the LG Stylo 6 user manual. To see the entire document, feel free to access the available PDF File link that has been provided. With just one click on the download button, you can have all of the knowledge in your hands.

Download: LG Stylo 6 User Manual (PDF)