How to Fix Verizon LG Stylo 2 V that Won’t Turn On

Verizon LG Stylo 2 V

Wondering what is happening with your Verizon LG Stylo 2 V that won’t turn on? Power related issue like this happen all the time and you can find everything about this particular issue as well as how to fix it right here.

Power related issue such as a phone that won’t turn on happen all the time to all sort of phone. If it happens to your Verizon LG Stylo 2 V, do not panic. There are a couple of things that you can do to sort this problem.

Force reboot the phone

Reboot the phone is a simple yet effective way to deal with different issue with the phone and it is worth to try in this case. To force reboot Verizon LG Stylo 2 V, open the back cover and pull out the battery. To make sure no electricity trapped on its capacitor, press “Power button” for one minute and put the battery back before you turn on the phone.

Charge the phone

If the phone is running out of battery, it won’t turn on no matter what you do. Plug the phone to the charger and charge it for a couple of minutes. Make sure that it has all the charging signs to make sure it works. After a couple of minutes, turn it on.

Boot the phone into Safe Mode

If reboot and charge the phone didn’t work out, you can try to boot the phone into Safe Mode. In this mode, none of those 3rd party apps work. If you can boot the phone into this mode, it means that one of those app cause havoc with the phone system and you need to get rid of it.

Boot the phone into Recovery Mode

When booting the safe mode didn’t bring any result, try to boot the phone to Recovery Mode. In this mode, Android firmware will not be loaded, which means that if the problem is due to a firmware issue, then it should have no problem loading up.

But if you find that you can’t turn on the phone after you drop it or after you get it wet, then you got bigger issue. Get a professional assistance to sort this problem for you.