How to Fix Verizon LG K8 V that Won’t Turn On

Verizon LG K8 V

Got problem with Verizon LG K8 V that won’t turn on? Try these troubleshooting acts that meant to address different possible causes of this issue and help you get your phone work back normally.

LG K8 V that Won’t Turn On – If one day you find that your Verizon LG K8 V won’t turn on, stay calm. There are several possible causes for this issue and you can try to solve it on your own. Only when you have done everything mentioned here and nothing works, you can and should bring it to a professional technician. Possibly there is a more severe issue that required professional help.

Force Reboot

Try to force reboot your device when it won’t turn on. A firmware crash could cause this issue and force rebooting the phone will solve it immediately. Luckily, Verizon LG K8 V has a removable battery. It makes the job of force reboot the phone easier.

Just remove the back cover and pull the battery out. While the battery is not connected to the phone, press Power button for a minute to drain any stored electricity in the capacitor. After that, put the battery back on and turn on the device.

Charge the Device

A phone is able to work because it has a battery as its power source. If the battery is run out of power then it won’t turn on. So, it is possible that your phone is simply running out of power. Plug the charger and connect the device to it. Wait for a couple of minutes before turn it on.

In the meantime, look for charging sign that should show up during this process, such as charging icon and LED indicator that should lit on. The charging indicator let you know whether the charging takes places or not. If it’s not, then there is some software or hardware related issue that you need to deal with.

Boot to Special Mode

Try to boot the phone into a special mode. Start with Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, the 3rd party app will be temporarily disabled. If the problem is caused by one of those apps, then your phone should work just fine and you can limit your search for this cause of issue on those apps.

Next, boot the phone into Recovery Mode. In this mode, Android firmware will not be loaded so if it boot just fine, then you may get the problem with the firmware and you need to have professional people to look at it.