How to Fix LG K8 that Won’t Charge

Got charging problem with your LG K8? Learn all about the possible cause for this issue and also the best way to fix it. So you can go back and charge the phone without any more problem in the future.

LG K8V Troubleshooting

Charging issue is a huge nuisance. If you can’t charge your LG K8, it means you are no longer able to use the phone. How to fix it? You can try by looking at the possible causes for this issue, which should help you find the best solutions for it.

Firmware crash

Firmware crash brings all sort of problem to the phone including this one. To confirm whether this issue caused by firmware crash or not, try rebooting the phone. Just open the back cover and plug the battery out.

Press the Power button for a minute to drain any stored electricity in the capacitor before placing the battery back. After that, turn on the phone and charge it. If it caused by firmware crash, then your phone should charge now.

Broken charging component

If firmware crash is not the issue, then you need to check for the charging component. Broken charging component is a possibility. Start with the charging adapter.

Look for any sign of burnt component or debris that stuck in charging port. Use different charging adapter and see if it works or not.

Check for the cable as well. Any break or irregularities on the cable could mean that it’s broken. Use the different cable to solve this issue.

Next stop is USB port and charging adaptor. Look for any debris or dirt that stuck in the port that caused charging process. Check the pint as well. Straighten the bent pint using tweezers or toothpick.

Nothing works? Is there anything that happens to your device previous the problem? If the phone got wet or fell down, then you probably got some serious hardware issue.

Take the phone to a technician so they can get a better look for the phone and look for the real cause of this issue to come up with the best solution.

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