How to Fix LG K8 Screen that Won’t Auto Rotate

Auto rotate feature that didn’t work on LG K8 screen is an inconvenience issue that you have to deal with, but you should try to work on it on your own before having a technician to do the job.

LG K8V Troubleshooting

Auto rotate is a nice feature that is available in smartphone. It gives you different viewing depend on the way you move the phone. It gives you either horizontal or vertical viewing that works great for the different occasion.

But what if you find that this feature is not working on your LG K8? No need to worry yet. Please check for a couple of things first.

Have you turn the feature on or not? If you haven’t turned on the feature, then it won’t work no matter what. Go to Notification Panel by swipe down the screen and locate the “Screen Rotation” icon.

Make sure that it has turned on and it it’s not; simply tap on it to enable it. It should highlight in yellow which means that it’s on.

After that, move your phone and tilt it around. Does it work? Does the screen move the way you move the phone? If it’s not, try the next step.

Reboot the phone. If the auto rotate feature is still not working after you turn it on, there could minor glitch or crash that happen to the phone. Clear out this glitch by reboot the phone.

Press Power button until “Power menu” appears on the screen. Choose “Restart” and wait until the phone has turned back on. After that, try to use auto rotate feature once again.

Does it work? If it’s still not working, then you may have a hardware or software issue. This is not something that you could deal by yourself. It is time to take the phone to a technician.

They have the knowledge, tool, and equipment to analyze the phone further. It also means that they will work on the phone to find the real cause for this issue and fix it for you.

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