LG K51 (LM-K500UM / LM-K500MM) User Manual

Make sure you read the LG K51 user manual before use to prevent unwanted events. Learn more about it here. A download link is provided.

LG K51 User Manual

Buying a new device is one of the most exciting moments in our life. There is something about paying, grabbing it home and wearing it that makes us feel that way.

When a new device is paid, most of us will eagerly open the box and decide to explore it by ourselves, without even knowing what we are doing.

Your LG K51 device has plenty of great apps and features in it. Don’t waste its greatness by not using it with a full potential just because you don’t realize its ‘hidden’ features.

To avoid any unwanted events happening to your device, take a minute to read the LG K51 (LM-K500UM / LM-K500MM) user manual first before doing anything else with your device.

Custom-designed feature

Some of us may have a beyond creativity level. From taking astounding pictures to creating GIFs, all of that creativity should be supported by an incredible device. You already have that supporting device in your hands.

The problem is, have you really explored and understood your device completely to help you emerge your creativity to a maximum level?

This section contains everything you need to know for your creative purposes. It also gives you insight into how to maximize your LG K51 device for your busy lifestyle.

Don’t forget to register yourself as the owner of your device with its fingerprint feature which is placed on the back of your device. Just do a little dig into this LG K51 User Manual to learn how.

Touch Screen

A touch screen device can save a lot of your time. It takes a second to actually implement your commands, rather than a non-touch-screen one which needs time more as you have to point the pointer first then it will actually operate it. But only a few people realize that a different gesture brings a different result.

So it is erroneous to say that your LG K51 only comes with a tap and swipe gestures. Your device has a few more which lets you control your device in some different ways. Find out what they are by reading this section.

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Smart Keyboard

Yes, you are not reading it wrong. Your keyboard is really smart. You can customize it as much as you like so it fits your preference.

If you feel like your keyboard is too low or too high, you can customize its height so you can type comfortably. The more frequent you type, the better it will suggest your typing based on the pattern of your frequently used words.

There are plenty more such as switching to the one-handed operation which you can learn how by reading this section.

Camera and Video

Take some stunning pictures with its different camera modes such as food mode so that you can capture your food maximally. Take a precisely vivid picture and video by using its grid and HDR feature. Be your own photographer with its auto-exposure and focus peaking feature.

Create a mesmerizing movie by combining pictures and videos altogether. Edit it with its variety of tools and upload it directly to your Youtube account with its Youtube Live feature. You, too, can create GIF easily by learning it in this section.


Many of us may have an obligation to do an international call. Printing with a cable needed may seem complicated. Some of us may think that having one social media is just not enough. Finding your lost device may be difficult and costly if you don’t know how.

This section is all about adjusting some additional settings so that your device can operate best. Print documents in the palm of your hands. You can learn how you can find your lost device in minutes. All of such things have been covered in this section.

Download user manual

Reading a manual is that important. You don’t want to break your device just because you are being too curious. Your manual book may seem boring or have no use, but it is worth the read.

If you are ready to explore your device completely, you can download the LG K51 user manual below.

Download: LG K51 User Manual (PDF)