How to Fix LG Phoenix 2 K371 that Won’t Turn On

LG Phoenix 2 K371

Troubleshooting guide for LG Phoenix 2 K371 that won’t turn on will help you tackle this issue on your own so you can have the phone work back to normal without have to resort to professional help.

Do you have a problem with LG Phoenix 2 K371 that won’t turn on? Before you rush to the nearest technician, read the following troubleshooting guide. They are simple and easy to do, and you can have your phone work back to normal. Only when nothing works then you can bring it to someone with the right knowledge and tool to fix it.

Start with force reboots the phone. Firmware crash may block the current to reach the circuit and make the phone won’t turn on. To clear this firmware crash, force reboots the phone. Release the back cover, take the battery out, press “Power button” for a full minute to release trapped electricity in the capacitor, place the battery back and turn it back on.

If it does not work, recharge the battery. Perhaps the phone is simply running out of power. Plug the charger and leave it for a couple of minutes. Make sure that the phone showing off the sign that it was on charge such as charging icon on the screen or LED light that flashing. After that, turn on the phone.

If charging the phone didn’t work, you need to check for the possible cause of this issue. To do this, boot the phone into safe mode and recovery mode. If you can boot the phone into safe mode successfully, then there is a problem with one of that 3rd party app on your phone.

Boot the phone to recovery mode will let you know if the problem laid on the software or hardware. If you can boot into recovery mode, it means that the hardware is working just fine and there is a problem with the software. But if it’s not working, there is a problem with the hardware of your phone and you need to take it immediately to a technician to get it fix.


    • THIS IS AWESOME ADVICE. I tried to replace the battery (had one on hand) which didn’t work. I left it sitting without the battery to drain, still didn’t work. Plugged it in for a while with battery/without battery didn’t work. Thought my phone was a lost cause. Then tried holding the power button down (I did 80 seconds just to be sure) and IT WORKED. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY SANITY FROM NOT BEING ABLE TO FIX MY PHONE. I am an electrical engineer and it would have driven me crazy.