How to Fix LG Phoenix 2 K371 Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

LG Phoenix 2 K371

Got problem with LG Phoenix 2 K371 screen that won’t auto rotate during the time you use it? Find out the possible cause for this problem and the troubleshooting guide to fix this issue on your own.

Auto rotates on a smartphone such as LG Phoenix 2 K371 is a nice feature. It gives you different viewing on what was shown on the screen. This feature was supposed to work automatically so you don’t have to bother to change the setting from time to time.

But what if this feature suddenly didn’t work anymore? No matter how many turns you use the phone, it still shows the same vertical viewing?

As it said before, auto rotate is a feature and it means you can set it up the way you want it to be. You can either enable it or disable it completely. If this feature didn’t work, you need to make sure that you already turn it on. Swipe down to screen to enter “Notification Panel” and find “Screen Rotation” in there. If it’s already highlighted in yellow, it means that it already on, but if it’s not, tap it to enable it.

If enabling the feature didn’t bring any result, then you need to restart the phone. Why do you need to restart the phone? Remember that a smartphone is a complex device. It runs using all kind of setup and it could crash anytime. Firmware crash or glitch in the system caused all sort of problem that affects phone performance including stopping auto rotate feature to work.

That is why you need to restart the phone to clear this glitch and crash. Press the “Power button” for a couple of seconds until “Power menu” appears and select “Restart”. After the phone restart, give it a try to see whether the auto rotate feature has working or not.

If it’s still not working, then it possible there is hardware malfunction on your phone. Let a technician have a look on it so they can figure out the real cause and fix it for you.