Instant Pot User Manual: PDF Download for Every Type Available

Instant Pot user manual PDF download. All popular types of cookers are available, from the Duo, Ultra, Viva, Lux, to the Smart series.

Instant Pot User Manual

Instant Pot is a recent kitchen craze everybody’s talking about. It’s especially popular among people who don’t have plenty of time cooking. Imagine a single pot that can do anything, from slow cooking, frying, roasting, even baking.

Many people swear by Instant Pot. If you have one at hand right now, be ready for some adventures. You can get very creative when cooking with an Instant Pot.

Instant Pot is a multicooker with plenty of features. Because of it, it’s important to read the manual or you risk burning something in the kitchen. Here we are providing you Instant Pot user manuals for you to download.

This product comes in several models, each comes with different features. Search for the specific manual of the model you bought. Don’t worry because we included various types on this list.

Instant Pot Duo User Manual

This classic model is armed with 7 cooking programs you can activate by just one touch. Navigating its menu is quite easy, but you will need help. Especially to understand each cooking program. The user manual can help you with some basic and advanced instructions. Here’s the link for downloading the manual.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Duo User Manual

Instant Pot Duo Plus User Manual

Instant Pot Duo Plus added two more functionalities on top of the existing 13 smart programs. You can enjoy a hassle-free lid, a menu for sous vide, and you can use is as a cake maker. Exploring all these features will need a helpful document. That’s what the user manual is for. Download and read it as you prepare to use the Instant Pot.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Duo Plus User Manual

Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus User Manual

This latest generation of Instant Pot is an improvement to the predecessor Instant Pot Duo. There are some new features to explore here, such as the new pressure cooker lid and the QuickCool technology. Get ready for all the newness which you can learn inside the manual. The link is provided below.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus User Manual

Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer User Manual

This model combines all the goodness of classic Instant Pot with an air fryer. The extra air frying feature ensures healthier cooking for you and your family. However, it does need a bit of learning to use them. Check out how to operate this Instant Pot through its user manual.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Duo Crisp User Manual

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid User Manual

Just upgrading your Instant Pot with the Air Fryer Lid? Air Fryer is the solution for oil-free frying. Before using this lid, make sure to read the instructions. There’s more to do other than changing the usual cooking lid with the Air Fryer Lid. This Instant Pot user manual will show you how.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid User Manual

Instant Pot Duo Nova User Manual

Instant Pot Duo Nova comes with seven cooking menus. You can use it as a pressure cooker, steamer, and even a yogurt maker. There is also the new lid design with a smart valve system. To learn everything about this Instant Pot, you can download its user manual below.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Duo Nova User Manual

Instant Pot Duo SV User Manual

What’s special about this model is it’s only compatible with a stainless steel pot. Instant Pot Duo SV also features 10 cooking menus compared to the classic 7-in-1 setup. For more detailed instructions, read the user manual of this model before using it. Download the document through the following link.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Duo SV User Manual

Instant Pot Max User Manual

Providing more possibilities in cooking, Instant Pot Max is the choice for savvy home cooks and professional chefs. You can take advantage of the full temperature to create the best dishes. How exactly can you do that? Consult the user manual, which you can download through the link below.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Max User Manual

Instant Pot Smart WiFi User Manual

This model makes Instant Pot another smart device on your phone. Control it via Wi-Fi so you can check your cooking progress from your phone. The pot is very convenient but it will need a bit of learning before using it. Make sure to read the user manual first.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Smart WiFi User Manual

Instant Pot Lux User Manual

Instant Pot Lux has the fewest menus compared to other models. It only has 6 cooking features. Although it is simpler to use, there’s a chance you will need to make sure if everything runs properly. Use the manual as some kind of guide. If you want to download the manual, click the link below.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Lux User Manual

Instant Pot Ultra User Manual

This home chef edition of Instant Pot boasts 10 appliances in one Instant Pot. It’s certainly not for casual users. If you are upgrading from the more standard version of Instant Pot, there will be a bit more to learn. The user manual is here for you, make sure to download it.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Ultra User Manual

Instant Pot Viva User Manual

The 9-in-1 functionalities of this Instant Pot might need a bit more learning before you use it. Whether it’s sautéing, slow cooking, or simply warming leftover food, make sure to know how to do it properly. Refer to the user manual when you feel unsure. You’ll find the information you need inside.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Viva User Manual

Instant Pot Nova User Manual

This particular model is perfect for beginners. Coming with an easy-to-read LED, easy lid, and cooking progress indicator, Instant Pot Nova assists even users who rarely set a foot in the kitchen. The manual is here for you too, like a trusty companion whenever you are confused about a feature.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Nova User Manual

Instant Pot Smart Bluetooth User Manual

The techie users prefer this Instant Pot model for a reason. You can remotely control the device using your phone through Bluetooth. Learn how to connect the Instant Pot with your phone using the manual below. In addition to that, the manual also covers the basic functions of the Instant Pot itself.

Download PDF: Instant Pot Smart Bluetooth User Manual

Instant Pot User Manual Content Sneak Peek

As you can see above in this article, a different Instant Pot needs its own specific manual. As an overview, we’ll give you the sneak peek of the manual’s content. Here we take Instant Pot Duo as an example. This model is considered the classic version among all other Instant Pots.

Overview of Pressure Control Features

This section should be the one you read at first. It talks about the component of the pot and what each is for. For example, the Pressure Cooking Lid. Learn some basics such as opening and closing the lid, and releasing the stem handle.

Other accessories and parts are also mentioned here. You will read about the sealing ring, the steam valve, and the auto-block shield. There are so many things to learn with this Instant Pot.

Smart Program Settings

Here’s where you can learn the basic operation of Instant Pot. Among the examples include turning the pot on and off. Then read about how to keep the food warm after cooking, set timer, and set the standby mode.

Introduction to Pressure Cooking

Curious how this Instant Pot works? This section will tell you the basic mechanism of pressure cooking. The information available here includes the optimum temperature and preheating time.

There’s also instruction on depressurizing the cooker when you release the steam. Choose between natural release or quick release, but make sure to read the important notice. For example, natural release only works with food such as pasta and beans.

Using The Smart Programs for Pressure Cooking

This section is where you finally learn all the buttons on Instant Pot Duo. Learn each of the menu, which is created for different types of cooking. Follow the steps for the safest procedure depending on the food ingredients.

You can also consult the smart programs table. The table is where you can learn everything at a glance. The information covered here includes the setting (normal, less, more), suggested use (such as “soup with meat”), along with some notes.

Next, you will see the Pressure Cooking Timetable. Listed here is the amount of time you need when cooking various kinds of food. For example, whole sweet potatoes take 12-15 minutes to cook, while beef could take 20 minutes. This table helps you estimate the cooking time you need when, for example, expecting guests.

This chapter is probably the most essential chapter in this user manual. All the main features are discussed here. Make sure to not miss it when reading.

Non-Pressure Cooking Smart Programs

Apart from doing pressure cooking, you can use Instant Pot Duo to sauté and slow cook. The manual explains these non-pressure cooking smart programs in this chapter. Learn all the settings available, depending on the type of food you are cooking. Instructions are presented step by step, just like in the previous chapter.

Cooking Tips

This part gives you some additional useful tips on using Instant Pot Duo. One of them is how to make yogurt. Yes, you make yogurt from scratch here. The manual shows a step-by-step guide, from pasteurizing the milk to adding the starter culture.

Care and Cleaning

After each use, you need to clean the Instant Pot to ensure its hygiene. To be honest, cleaning an Instant Pot is a bit complicated. You need to disassemble the pots and lids and other parts. You must know which part is dishwasher safe or which part needs manual cleaning.

For this task, the manual will give you very detailed information on what to do. You will see a table explaining everything, from instructions on removing the parts to washing them.

That’s the overview of Instant Pot user manuals. As you can see, it’s important to read the manual first before cooking. Apart from informing you on how to cook with an Instant Pot, the manual also gives helpful tips and crucial safety warnings.

Depending on the model, the content inside will be more or less similar. That’s why it’s important to find the right manual according to the type you own. Find your model and click the download link available. Having an offline copy is recommended. You most likely need to read the manual more than once.

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