How to Take a Screenshot on Essential Phone PH-1

Essential Phone PH-1

Learn how to take a screenshot on Essential Phone PH-1, what you can do about the screenshots you had taken and the options you have about it including delete it, edit it and share it.

Taking a screenshot is fun. When smartphone began to introduce years ago, there is no such thing as taking a screenshot. But, people want an easy way to capture everything they view on the screen and screenshot is here now.

This day, you can take a screenshot from all type of smartphone and that include Essential Phone PH-1, one of the latest smartphone that belongs to Essential Company.

With this smartphone, you can take as many screenshots as you want, view it, share it, edit it or delete it.

How do you take screenshot on Essential Phone PH-1? It is easy, just follow this simple guide:

  1. Prepare the screen you want to capture. Make sure it was clean from anything that may block the view such as commercial, notification and so on.
  2. Now you can take the screenshot by press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Down” keys simultaneously until the screen appears to flash then release those keys.

Congratulation, you had just taken a screenshot. Now go to Gallery and open screenshot album. Tap on the screenshot you want to view and enjoy it.

When you view a screenshot, you can do a couple of things with it. The entire options of the things you can do with the screenshot are available on the screen. You can simply save it for future use or share it right away.

Before you share it, you can edit the screenshot using picture editor app. Make sure to download the picture editor app before, so you can experiment with the screenshot you had taken.

After you edit it, you can share it immediately using the available application on the phone. But if you find that the screenshot is not good enough, not clear enough or simply not useful for you anymore, just delete it.

Explore the possibility of the things you can do with the screenshot you take on Essential Phone PH-1 and have fun with it.