How to Force Reboot / Restart Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Force Reboot / Restart Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Restart or reboot Samsung Galaxy S7 Active can be done using a different approach unlike other smartphone device in the market and this is where you can learn how to do it.

If your phone starts to acting out or its just freeze while you are accessing is, then the only thing that you can do is to restart the phone. In older smartphone, all you need to do is simply release the battery for a while and then put it back. Or you also can hold the Power button for a couple of seconds, where the phone will restart on its own.

But that won’t work on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active because you can’t release the battery and no matter how long you press the Power button, it will never restart.

So, the question is how do you force your device to restart or reboot when its freeze up? Samsung use different approach on this issue. You can force to restart your Galaxy S7 Active by following this guide:

  1. Press and hold Power button and Volume Down button in the same time.
  2. Keep pressing for a couple of second. Your phone will reboot into Maintenance Boot mode. Only when the phone has reboot to this special mode you can release those buttons.
  3. In this Maintenance Boot mode, you will several menus of actions to do and one of them is normal boot/restart. This option usually located at the top of the menu and it should be highlighted automatically.
  4. To choose this option, press Home button.

The phone will start to reboot and all you need to do is wait until it finished the process. The phone will reboot back to normal or regular mode where you can use your phone back.

This method will work anytime even though you find that the screen on your phone is frozen and not responsive. It also safe to do and you don’t have to worry for losing any data in your phone, as long as you make sure that you already highlighted the restart/reboot option in Maintenance Boot Mode before you press Home button.