How to Fix Galaxy S7 Active Problem: Wi-Fi Won’t Connect

Galaxy S7 Active Problem: Wi-Fi Won’t Connect

Wi-Fi connection issue in Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is an annoying issue that happen to some user, but this is not the end of it because there is things that worth to try to work on this issue.

Many people rely on Wi-Fi connection from their phone to connect to the internet. But if the Wi-Fi won’t connect or if it has trouble to keep the connection stable, then it will be worth it to check around and work on a couple of things to make sure that this problem solved.

This kind of issue could happen to any kind of phone including Samsung Galaxy S7 Active and in this case, you can try some of these possible solutions:

  1. Try to restart the phone. Restarting a phone is a simple yet effective solution to deal with some issue on a phone, so this is worth to try.
  2. You also can try to turn OFF the Wi-Fi connection for a while before turn it back ON.
  3. If you have trouble to connect with specific network, then you may want to forget the network and then set new connection once again.
  4. Turn off your Bluetooth feature. For some reason, active Bluetooth feature will disrupt Wi-Fi connection in your phone, so turning it off will solve this issue and it really works for some people. If you need to keep your Bluetooth feature on, then you need to switch Wi-Fi connection on your phone to 5 GHz instead of 2.4 GHz, which is the only connection that was disturb by Bluetooth feature.
  5. Go to Settings > About device > Status. Check the status of Wi-Fi MAC Address and make sure that it’s not active.

Last thing to try is to reset the network setting on your Galaxy S7 Active. You can do this from Settings > Backup & Reset > Reset Network Setting > Reset Setting. It will reset the whole network on your phone and give you a fresh start to set a new connection that hopefully will be free from connectivity issue.