How to Fix Galaxy S7 Active Problem: Fast Charging Not Working

Galaxy S7 Active Problem: Fast Charging Not Working

Find the explanation about fast charging in Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, why some people find that this feature is not working as it supposed to be and the possible solution to deal with this problem.

Fast charging is a useful feature in Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. It allows people to charge their phone for up to 80% in no time. It means that they can use this phone and expect it to last for many hours even though they don’t charge it fully.

This feature is also very useful for those who are working on the road and only have little time to charge their phone. But some people have reported that this feature is not working on their phone.

It may not be a huge issue for those who prefer to charge their phone in regular speed, but it is a big problem for those who use this feature a lot. There is a couple of possible solution to try when you are dealing with this kind of problem such as:

  1. Turn OFF your phone. It is not always necessary to turn off the phone during regular charging process, but if you fast charging your phone, and then this is a must.
  2. Your phone will come with the original fast charger. Make sure that you use this charger for fast charging and not other kind of standard charger that you have in hand.
  3. Try to fast charging the phone while it’s in Airplane Mode. When the phone is in Airplane Mode, it will disable some features such as phone calling, texting, and other task. It will automatically reduce the power usage thus assisting in the charging process.
  4. It is also recommended to disable other features that still running such as apps, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other features to reduce power usage and maximize charging process.

It is also possible the micro USB port is not working properly, so better to have a reliable technician such as Samsung technician to check on it, just to make sure that everything is good.