How to Fix Essential Phone PH-1 that Won’t Charge

Essential Phone PH-1

Learn how to deal with Essential Phone PH-1 that won’t charge starting from recognizing the possible cause of this problem and how to deal with it accordingly to give the expected result.

What are you going to do when suddenly your Essential Phone PH-1 won’t charge? Recognizing the possible cause of this issue will help you a lot and here are some of the things you need to look into:

Broken outlet

A broken outlet is always a possibility. Try using different outlet to charge the phone and see how it goes.

System crash

System crash causes all sort of issue. It may even trick the phone to think that it already has full battery and it didn’t need to be charge. The solution is simple. Clear the crash and the phone will be ready to charge. How to do it? Restart the phone. It should clear system crash and glitches on the system.

Broken charging component

With the way we treat the charging component; throw it, bend it, plug it in impossible angle and so on; there is huge possibility that we are dealing with broken charging component. Check for the charging cable first. How does it look? Does it bend in an unnatural way, or there is something that didn’t feel right when you run your finger through the length of it? Try using different cable and see how it goes

A broken power adapter is another possibility. The easiest way to check whether the power adapter is broken or not is by using different adapter with the same specification.

Bent pint

Look closely at the end of the charging cable and to the charging port. You will see small size pint that delivers the current from the cable to the phone. Check for these pints. Does everything look normal? A bent pint is a problem and you need to straighten it to fix this problem.

Have you tried the above suggestion? Which one that works for you? Whatever it was, hopefully you have no more problems with Essential Phone PH-1 that won’t charge.