How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Galaxy S7 Active

Recovery mode allow you to work on some issues on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Active for a better performance and this is where you can learn how to boot into this special mode.

Galaxy S7 Active Troubleshooting

Recovery mode is a special mode on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active that has its use. This is the place where you can perform factory reset that will bring your phone back to its original factory state.

Recovery Mode is also the place to perform updating process and also where you can wipe out cache partition.

The question is how do you boot your phone into recovery mode? Booting into recovery mode on Galaxy S7 Active is simple enough and everyone can do it by following the guide below:

  1. First step is to turn OFF your phone completely.
  2. After that, press and hold Power button, Home button and Volume Up button in the same time.
  3. Wait for several seconds until you see a blue text appear on top of the screen saying “Recovery Booting”. Release those buttons only when this text has appear.
  4. You need to wait a little bit longer until you see the green robot Android appear on the screen. You will get a warning message that informs you about the booting process. You need to accept this message before you can move on to the next step.

Now you enter the Recovery Mode. In Recovery Mode, you will see the recovery mode menu where you can navigate from one menu to another using Volume Up and Down button.

The touch screen is not working in this special mode so the only way to navigate around is by using the physical Volume button. To select the menu, you can use Power button.

If you have finished with what you are doing in recovery mode on Galaxy S7 Active, you can go back to normal mode by choosing the “Reboot System Now” menu.

Wait for the phone to reboot back to its normal mode and you can see the change that you made in recovery mode take place.

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