Hot Pepper Ghost User Manual / User Guide

Hot Pepper Ghost user manual / user guide sneak peek and features overview. Discover how to get started with this interesting smartphone.

Hot Pepper Ghost User Manual

Hot Pepper Ghost is a choice for everyone looking for an affordable phone. This product makes it possible for you to have an HD+ screen on your phone. With a 6-inch display, this phone is hard to resist.

Especially the price to get one is considered inexpensive. Moreover, the phone also offers a 13MP back camera. A fingerprint sensor is also available on this phone.

In this article, we will take a sneak peek into the features of this phone. What the highlights of Hot Pepper Ghost are, that make this phone worth considering.

Apart from that, we also included Hot Pepper Ghost user manual / user guide. A manual is always important, especially for new owners. There’s also a download link you can find at the bottom.

Hot Pepper Ghost Features 

Looking at its design and features, Hot Pepper Ghost is an interesting product. The appearance is captivating with its dark blue casing.

You can see a camera with an LED flash in the back. This camera has a resolution of 13MP, while the front one has a 5MP lens.

The best thing about this phone is its large display. The 6-inch display is very spacious for browsing apps and watching videos. You will also enjoy the HD+ quality bringing lifelike images at your fingertips.

Inside, a 2GHz MediaTek processor runs the whole system along with a 4GB RAM. For storing files, users can utilize the 64GB internal memory on Hot Pepper Ghost. The storage system comes with an expandable option. You can add a microSD card if you want.

For its software, Hot Pepper Ghost runs on Android 9 Pie. The Google operating system further provides you with apps such as Chrome, YouTube, and Drive. Moreover, you will get Phone, Messengers, and the Camera app as native apps. This phone also comes with Google Assistant.

Providing better security, Hot Pepper Ghost installed a fingerprint scanner. You will also be glad to find the 3.5mm headphone jack on this phone.

Other features are also worth noting, such as dual microphones and speakers with HD Voice output.

Network features on this phone include 4G LTE supports. There are also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Hotspot.

For the battery, users can enjoy long-lasting usage using the 3,850mAh battery. Hot Pepper Ghost claimed you can leave the charger at home. The phone will get you through the day easily.

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Hot Pepper Ghost User Manual

Hot Pepper Ghost user manual is more of a quick guide than a full-length document. This is good news for anyone with no time. You can have a quick glance at the manual and immediately know your phone.

The first section discusses the layout of the phone. You’ll read about the important components, such as the front camera, status indicator, and the buttons. This section also shows readers the ports like the headphone jack and the USB port.

After the exterior, you’ll then see the layout of the Home screen. The layout comes along with a little bit of explanation. For example, what the App icons are and also the bottom-row icons.

The basic applications come next. You will read short instructions on using the Messages, Phone, and the internet (Chrome) app. Meanwhile, there are few settings explained, such as how to connect to Wi-Fi and how to access the Settings app.

That’s the overview of the Hot Pepper Ghost user manual / user guide. Now you know what to expect with the phone. Make sure to read the document before using your new device.

As we promised earlier, we also provide a link to the manual. Simply click on it to download the PDF file.

Download: Hot Pepper Ghost User Manual (PDF)