Honeywell Vista 15P and Vista 20P User Manual

Learn how to set up a proper security system using this Honeywell Vista 15P and Vista 20P user manual. Read the summary and download it through the provided link.

Honeywell Vista 15P 20P User Manual

Having a reliable security system at your building is crucial to prevent break-ins. One of the choices for a security system would be Honeywell Vista 15P or Vista 20P. It is an affordable option when you’d rather not hire somebody to install an alarm for you.

People can install it themselves if they want. What you need to do is follow the instructions on the Honeywell Vista 15P and Vista 20P user manual. The document also shows what features Honeywell Vista offer.

This manual is a very thorough guide. Albeit very technical, it’s worth studying them if you won’t call professional help. Set aside a dedicated time to get prepared.

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek inside the manual. Before downloading, you can get a general view of what you will read inside. Afterward, head to the download section to get the PDF file.

System Overview

This first chapter is some sort of introduction about the general system of Honeywell Vista 15P and Vista 20P. Get introduced to the main three protection features of this device. The first is the burglary, then there’s also fire and emergency protection.

You’ll read a brief about each of the features. Other additional functionalities also come with their own explanations. These functions include voice message center, security codes, and phone access. 

About The Keypads

This section shows readers the layout information of Honeywell Vista 15P and Vista 20P, especially the keypads. Get ready because there are quite a lot of buttons to learn. Other than the keypads, also learn about other parts such as the mic and the LED indicators.

Afterward, head to the pages where the manual explains what each notification means. For example, AWAY means all perimeter and burglary zones are armed. Other must-learn messages include BYPASS and FIRE.

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Arming the System

From this chapter onward, you will start to learn about settings and installation. The first one in this section is how to set up a security mode for Honeywell Vista 15P and Vista 20P. One of the modes, for example, is NIGHT-STAY Mode. Other modes include AWAY Mode and MAXIMUM Mode.

What do these modes exactly function and how to set up each of them? The answer to this question can be found in this chapter. A table is available to simplify commands setup. Refer to this table for a quick setup.

Disarming and Silencing Alarms

You can seamlessly activate and deactivate the alarms as you please. This section shows how to temporarily disable the security protections. Of course, there’s also the tutorial on how to turn it back on.

Panic Keys

In an event of distress, it’s important to have some sort of a system to ask for help quickly. For that, Honeywell Vista 15P and Vista 20P is equipped with panic keys. In this chapter, learn about setting them up and how to access the keys.

It’s important that everyone knows how to use these keys. So make sure to inform people who have access to the building about the keys. You might share the content of this chapter with them.

Macro Key Programming and Device commands

More advanced users can set up the device using macro programming. Get ready for some hardware-related learning here. If you master the use of macro key programming, you can activate several functions by only using one command.

Meanwhile, with device commands, you can control other devices, such as lights, through your security system. You might also want to set this function up for extra security.

Security Codes & Authority Levels

There are several levels of users for this security system. You can set a system master, standard users, and guests. In this chapter, learn what each level can and can not do. Furthermore, learn how to set up accesses on your building.

Event Logging Procedures

Every event that is detected by this security system is stored in a log. You can access and read this log as a user. Logs are important to keep track of what happened. In Honeywell Vista, the device comes with its own way to store events.

This part will teach you how to decipher this log. For example, code 146 means silent burglary. Meanwhile, code 351 means the telco line fault. There are still dozens of other codes described here.

Testing the System

How do you know your Honeywell Vista 15P and Vista 20P setup will work properly? That’s why the system also provides a way for users to test it. For that purpose, that’s what this chapter is for. Inside, instructions are written step-by-step for users to follow. There’s also an instruction over recognizing troubles, should your setup be faulty.

The manual recommends doing a regular check every week. You will get back to this chapter often. Make sure to mark the page.

Maintaining Your System

Just setting up Honeywell Vista is not enough to keep your building secure. Users must also know about maintaining the security system. Just like testing the system, it’s also something you should do periodically.

Maintenance activities for this system include clearing the memory, silencing alarms, and replacing the battery. Basically, the routine care you need to do in order for the system to work optimally all the time.

Fire Alarms

As mentioned in the title, this section specifically discusses the fire alarm function of Honeywell Vista 15P and 20P. Learn how to reset the detector when you need to. Or you will also learn to manually initiate the alarm. This chapter also covers the evacuation process.

Quick Guide to Basic System Functions

If you need quick information at a glance, refer to this section. On a table, displayed all the functions available on Honeywell Vista 15P and 20P. Along with the functions, you will also see a quick step-by-step guide on how to set them up. The next table shows a summary for every message, alert, and notifications on this system.

Download User Manual

That’s a bit of a summary for the Honeywell Vista 15P and Vista 20P user manual. This document takes more than a minute or two to absorb its information, so be prepared. You will also need it again in the future. So, make sure to have an offline copy. Download the PDF file through the link below.

Download: Honeywell Vista 15P dan Vista 20P User Manual (PDF)