How to Hard Reset / Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy J3 2017

How to Hard Reset / Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy J3 2017

Full information about factory reset for Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 to help phone owner understand the reason for doing this and how to performing this action without making any mistake that could harm their phone.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 – There are particularly two reasons why people perform factory reset on their Samsung Galaxy J3 2017. First, it will help to clear issue with the phone that keep sticking around no matter what people do. Second, it will clear every single personal file that was stored in its internal memory, which is something that must be done if the phone owner planned to sell the phone.

Factory reset is a valuable action yet it has its own risk. Like it said before, it will erase everything that was stored in its internal memory. For this reason, anyone who wishes to do it should back up the entire file in the phone so they can restore it back.

Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy J3 2017

There are two methods to work things out, starting from soft factory reset where people access the command for this action through Setting application. Go to Settings < Back up and reset < Factory data reset < Reset Device < Erase Everything. Wait until it’s done and the phone will restart automatically.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy J3 2017

The second method is by going to recovery mode. This method work if the phone unresponsive and people can’t access any of its app. This method works by:

  1. Power off the phone.
  2. Reboot to recovery mode by press and hold Power key, Home Key and Volume Up.
  3. This is the crucial part; make sure to release the buttons on the right moment. First, when Samsung logo on the screen release Power key and secondly, when Android logo show followed closely by recovery menu release the other keys.
  4. Touch screen is not working here so use Volume key to move up and down and highlighted “Wipe data / factory reset” menu.
  5. Press Power key to select this menu.
  6. Choose “Yes – delete all user data” to confirm this action.

Wait while the process is taking place and when it’s done, find “Reboot system now” menu and press Power button to select it.