GoPro Hero 7 User Manual / User Guide

Manuals inside the box of devices are not for accessories, they are included to be read. Just like GoPro Hero 7 user manual, a guide for the users to read and learn how the device works.

Go Pro 7 Black User Manual

You bought one of the best action cameras in the world, the GoPro Hero 7. You are getting excited and a bit impatient to try your new camera and start capturing your reckless adventures.

However, you’re starting to get a bit confused about how to operate the camera because it’s the first time you used it.

That’s why you should always read the GoPro Hero7 user manual in advance provided by GoPro for you. The manual will make you learn its new features that aren’t available on the previous GoPro Heros that may be suitable for your needs.

So, don’t get too rushed on tinkering your new camera without any basic knowledge about your own camera. Don’t worry, we have covered up the summary of the GoPro Hero7 user manual here on this article just for you.

Meet your HERO7 Black

In this section, you’ll learn the physical aspect of your camera. The manual will tell you where’s the power button, the shutter button, the USB Type-C port, and any other buttons and ports that are available in this camera.

Use this section as a guidebook for you to learn the basics and fundamentals of your new camera. We know it may be tempting to this section, but it won’t do any harm to read and learn from it.

Setting Up Your Camera

From this section, you can learn how to set your camera for the first time. You can also learn how to open the latches correctly, close it, inserting the battery and the microSD, charging the battery, and updating the camera software in several ways possible.

You will be told that you need a microSD card in order to save your recorded videos and photos.

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Getting to Know Your GoPro 

In this section, things will be getting more into the software side rather than the hardware. This section will provide you some guides on how to operate your camera.

From taking pictures to navigating the buttons, this section covers it all. This section is very useful for those of you who are not familiar yet with the user interface of GoPro cameras.

Using QuikCapture

QuikCapture is a hidden function of GoPro where you can record videos with very simple steps. This shortcut is definitely a sweet treat to maximize the battery life of the device. Without reading the GoPro Hero 7 user manual, it is very unlikely to know this trick.

Exposure Control

This section is focused on how to set the exposure of the video or picture that will be taken with the GoPro. It is written clearly while maintaining important notes and details easily understood by just one reading.

Users who are still a beginner of using GoPro or any camera devices, in general, should learn this part carefully if they want to make videos with the right level of brightness.

Controlling Your GoPro With Your Voice

There are so many electronic gadgets out there that work well with voice commands, GoPro Hero 7 is one of them. With just using your voice, you can control a lot of things without having to do it with your fingers.

It is very practical and efficient especially if both of your hands are equipped with things. This hands-free feature is available in two types: action commands and mode commands. The user manual includes the list of both of them so users can learn and memorize the voice commands altogether.

Tech Specs

It does not feel right if GoPro Hero 7 is used by the users without knowing the basic specifications of its features. This section took the longest pages from this user manual. Written in a total of four subjects, including the tech specification for videos, photos, time-lapse, and protune.

Reading the lists in this section will help the users become better at choosing and setting up their GoPro for every kind of shoot or project. The product that will be resulted must be in spectacular quality once the users mastered this section.

Download User Manual

Those are a few parts that are included in the GoPro Hero 7 user manual / user guide. Here is the full document of the manual. We heavily suggest the device users to download the file and read it to make the best use of it.

Download: GoPro Hero 7 User Manual (PDF)