How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Sky Wi-Fi Won’t Connect Issue

Problem with Wi-Fi connection on Samsung Galaxy Sky is solvable, thanks to various troubleshooting options that you can try on your own without have to resort to professional technician to get it done.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Sky Wi-Fi Wont Connect Issue

Wi-Fi connection that keeps dropped or unstable connection, and even won’t connect at all is pretty common issue that plagues many smartphone including Samsung Galaxy Sky. But it also means there are plenty of troubleshooting action to take that should solve this issue once and for all.

Start it with Bluetooth connection. For some reason, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth affect each other not in a good way. Those who have problem with their Bluetooth connection may want to turn off their Wi-Fi for a while and see if it solves the issue or not. It is also worth to switch to 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection instead of the 2.4 GHz connection that seems affected badly from Bluetooth connection.

Simply reboot the phone and the router is also worth to try. Rebooting a device will help to clear any minor glitch that affect its performance, so it may help in this case.

Getting the latest update may also worth a shot. Samsung release continues update for their system, where each update works better than the previous one. Check it on Settings > About Device to make sure that you already got the latest one.

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi to check some of its feature. To make sure Wi-Fi connection works smoothly, turn off the Smart Network Switch option and set the Keep Wi-Fi on during Sleep options to Always.

If you have problem with specific Wi-Fi connection, erase or forget that connection and then connect it once again. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi to find the troubled connection, set to forget it and then add it. If you want to, you can reset the entire network setting. Go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Reset Network Setting > Reset Setting. After that, reconnect with those networks once more.

Wipe out cache partition is your next option. If it’s not working performing factory data reset should do the trick and have this issue go away forever.