How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Sky Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Sky Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

There are a couple of possibilities why your Samsung Galaxy Sky Screen won’t auto rotate. Find out all about it as well as the potential solution to fix this issue and have the screen rotate automatically anytime you change its position.

Samsung Galaxy Sky Screen Won’t Auto Rotate – Auto rotate screen is convenient feature that allow user to have a better look on the display when they the phone around. Some files or perhaps picture and music video are better displayed in horizontal position while other files look much better in vertical position.

This feature will change its point of view based on the phone movement so you still able to look and read whatever that is on the screen. But what if you find that your Samsung Galaxy Sky screen won’t auto rotate? It could be software or hardware related problems.

In this case, you can start by making sure that the “Auto Rotate” feature is ON. Check this by go to the notification panel by swipe down the screen and find for “Screen Rotation”. If it’s highlighted in yellow, it means that this feature is on but if it’s not, taps on it to turn it ON.

If the feature is already on yet it still won’t auto rotate then you can try to reboot the phone. A system crash or minor glitch may caused this issue in the first place, as well as many other issue regarding phone performance, and rebooting the phone will help to clear it out.

Simply press the “Power button” for a couple of second and choose “Restart” option from the Power menu. Wait for the phone to reboot and then check for this auto rotate function.

Does the auto rotate has back to normal? If it’s not, then perhaps it is a matter of hardware issue. In this case, the only thing that you can do is to take it back to your carrier or straight to Samsung. Contact the customer service on Samsung, explain the problem and let their technician handle it. They can fix this problem and give your phone back, 100% free from this problem.