How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Sky Bluetooth Won’t Connect Issue

How to Fix Galaxy Sky Bluetooth Wont Connect Issue

Bluetooth on your Samsung Galaxy Sky has problem connecting with other devices? Fix it right away with the possible solutions that aim to clear the cause of this issue in the first place so your Bluetooth connection will run smoothly.

How to Fix Galaxy Sky Bluetooth Won’t Connect Issue – Problem with Bluetooth connection happen to all kind of smartphone, not only Samsung Galaxy Sky. But worry no, because there are several possible solutions to deal with this issue so you don’t have to deal with Bluetooth connection that keep dropping or don’t connect at all.

Turn off your Wi-Fi is the first thing to try. For some reason, some people find that Wi-Fi connection affects their Bluetooth connection and it work both ways. So, turn off your Wi-Fi and check whether the issue is still around or not.

Unpair and pair your Samsung Galaxy Sky with the troubled Bluetooth device. Go to “Settings > Bluetooth” and try this solution.

What if your phone and the device you try to connect to have some kind of limit on the amount of device to be connected through its Bluetooth? Check the settings on both device and delete old Bluetooth profiles that you don’t use anymore.

Clear cache works great to solve many issues on an application. You can try this for your Bluetooth connection as well. Go to “Settings > Application > Application Manager > More > Show System App > Bluetooth”. It will bring you to Bluetooth page, where you need to “Force Stop” and then tap “Storage > Clear Cache”. Clearing old cache may help with this issue, so why don’t you try it and then check for the Bluetooth connection once more to see if the problem still bothering you.

You also want to make sure that your Samsung Galaxy Sky and the Bluetooth device you try to connect already has the latest update on its software system. The latest update works better in the term of performance so you can expect it to solve this issue as well.

The last thing to try is wipe cache partition from recovery mode. It will clear whatever issue that plague your phone including this Bluetooth connection issue and have it work as you want it to be.