How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Luna that Won’t Turn On

Samsung Galaxy Luna

Unable to turn on your Samsung Galaxy Luna for no obvious reason? Try these troubleshooting actions to eliminate the cause of the issue in the first place and get it fix right away so you can start using your phone once again.

Samsung Galaxy Luna that Won’t Turn On – You just find out that you can’t turn on your Samsung Galaxy Luna. It works just fine before and now it won’t turn on. What are you going to do?

Always start by making sure that there is enough power on the battery. Perhaps the battery has run out of juice so you can’t turn it one. It means that all you need to do is charging the phone for a couple of minutes and let it fill the battery before turning it back on. Make sure that during charging process, the phone show the charging sign such as charging icon on the screen or led light that turn on.

Reboot the phone is another idea to try. Rebooting the phone in this case will help to solve any minor issue such as glitch or crash on the phone. It is so easy to do, just pull out the battery of your Samsung Galaxy Luna. When the battery is out, press Power button for a minute to release any trapped electricity on the capacitor and also to refresh phone memory. After that, put the battery back on and try to turn it on.

If rebooting the phone and charging it didn’t gives the expectant result, try the next step by boot the phone into other mode. Start by booting the phone into Safe Mode. In this mode, the entire 3rd party is not working, which means that if you successfully boot the phone in this mode, there is one or maybe more of those 3rd party apps that caused the issue in the first place. Find the culprit, uninstall it and you are done.

Try to boot the phone into Recovery Mode, if it won’t boot to Safe Mode. In Recovery Mode, the phone will not load Android interface, only the hardware part. If you can boot the phone in this mode, then there is something wrong with the firmware and you should ask technician to dig further and have it fix.