How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Luna that Won’t Charge

Samsung Galaxy Luna

Find out the troubleshooting action that you can follow when your Samsung Galaxy Luna won’t charge or having some issue with charging process and leave you with a dead phone that is not working in your favor.

Samsung Galaxy Luna that Won’t Charge – Samsung Galaxy Luna is a great smartphone but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any issue. One of the issues that have been reported by its user is the problem when it won’t charge.

Some people find that the phone don’t fully charge no matter how long they plug the cable, while other find that the charging process didn’t work at all. Deal with this issue by taking immediate action such as:

  1. Force reboots the phone.
  2. Pull put the battery, press Power button for one minute, put the battery back on and then try to charge it once more. By force reboot the phone, you actually clear any problem such as glitch or frozen system that makes the charging process not working.
  3. Check the charger and the whole component that required in charging process.
  4. Charging process requires several component and you need to inspect all those component carefully. Start with the charger and power adapter by manually check the entire part and make sure nothing is amiss such as debris or lint that stuck in the way. Try to use different power adapter to ensure that this component work just fine.

Check the charging port and phone USB. Make sure that everything is in good shape, meaning no debris, lint, corrosion, or bent connector. Address every possible issue such as clean up the debris and straighten up the bent connector.

Check the cable as well. Make sure that nothing is break and no irregularities along the cable. Try using different cable to ensure that the cable work just fine. If it’s not working, simply replacing the cable with new one will solve the issue immediately.

If nothing works, then you need to get professional help. Do not attempt to perform anything that may break the phone even more and let the technician work on it.