How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 that Won’t Turn On

The possible reason why Samsung Galaxy J7 won’t turn on and how to address each of the cause is the best course of action that you can take to deal with this issue and have your phone back to life.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Troubleshooting

There are several possible reasons that caused you Samsung Galaxy J7 won’t turn on. When you know what may cause this issue, you can address it properly.

Firmware crashes

Who know that firmware crashes on a smartphone may cause all sort of issue including this one. When firmware crashes, it blocks the command to turn the phone on. From this point of view, the best way to deal with the issue is by dealing with the cause.

To deal with firmware crash, all you need to do is reboot the phone. Reboot the phone will get rid of firmware crash and glitch on the system. When there is no more glitch and crash, your phone is ready to go on.

To reboot the phone, just release the back cover, take out the battery and press Power button for a minute to clear trapped current. After that, put the battery back and turn it on.

Running out of power

If it has no power, you won’t be able to turn it on no matter what you do. Just plug the charger, make sure that charging sign shows up and let it be for a couple of minutes before you try turning the phone one.

Unworthy 3rd party app

It is also possible that you had installed unworthy 3rd party app. It means that the app is not working properly or it was built poorly and only brings trouble to the phone. Boot your phone into Safe Mode find out more about it.

Firmware issue

Hardware issue is another possibility here. Boot your phone into Recovery Mode, where it won’t load Android interface.

If it boot successfully, then you know that you got problem with the firmware of the phone

When you found the possible cause of this issue and don’t know how to deal with it, go and get the phone to a technician to have it checked and fix.