How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 that Won’t Charge

Samsung Galaxy J7 that won’t charge is a problem that you need to deal right away, and the first thing to look at is the things that could cause this issue in the first place, so you know exactly what to do about it.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Troubleshooting

The success of fixing Samsung Galaxy J7 that won’t charge laid on your ability to recognize the cause. Once you figured out the real cause, you can fix the issue accordingly.

Here we listed several possible causes of this issue as well as how to fix it:

Firmware crash

Firmware crash is always a possibility. It makes the system think that the phone’s battery is already full so it won’t charge.

Solution: clear the firmware crash by reboot the phone. You can do this by taking out the battery and press Power button for one minute to release trapped current. After that, put the battery back on and charge it again.

Broken cable

With, sometimes, the harsh way we handle the charger cable (throw it away, stuff it inside our bag and so on), it is no wonder that the cable is prone to damage.

Solution: replace it with another cable. Replace the current cable on the charger with new one and charge the phone.

Broken power adapter

Broken power adapter is another possibility that you need to consider.

Solution: use a different power adapter with the same specification. If your phone won’t charge, try using different power adapter just in case the adapter you use right now is broken.

Bent connector

Check the connector on the USB and charging port. It is possible that the connector was bent and it makes the current unable to flow properly. Straighten the bent connector using a toothpick or whatever tools you have in hand.

Check for the power outlet as well. It is possible that the one you use is not working. If that so, use different power outlet and resume the charging process.

That is all you can try to fix with this won’t charging issue. If nothing works, consider bringing the phone to a technician to get fully analyzed.

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