How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

Got problem with auto rotate feature on your Samsung Galaxy J7? Figure out the possible cause for this issue, how to deal it accordingly and when you need to bring the phone to a technician to get it fix.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Troubleshooting

Auto rotate is a simple feature that presents on most smartphone this day, including Samsung Galaxy J7. But what if this feature didn’t work anymore? What if one day you use the phone and realize that the screen won’t auto rotate?

You know that you can change the setting for most of the feature on your phone. It goes the same for this feature. You can enable and disable it anytime you want. So it is obvious that you need to check for auto rotates setting first.

It is possible that the feature has been accidentally turned off. To check for this possibility, swipe down the screen to enter Quick Settings and find Auto Rotate in there. If it’s already highlighted in yellow, it means that it already on, but if it’s not, tap it to enable it.

Another way to change the auto rotate setting for this phone is from Settings application. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Auto-Rotate Screen. Tap box next to auto rotate screen option to enable it and there you go.

Is it work? Does the screen have rotated automatically when you change the phone orientation?

If it’s still not working, you need to restart the phone. It is possible that there is glitch or system crash that stops this feature to work properly.

Restarting the phone should clear any glitch and allow the feature to work back. Once you do this, you can give it another try.

Try to move the phone from vertical position to a horizontal position once more. Does it work or not?

What if nothing works? Perhaps there is some hardware malfunction. If you suspect that this is the real cause for this issue, do not take any chances by trying to fix it on your own. Take the phone and have some technician to look at it and fix the problem.