How to Boot into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy J7

Get the Samsung Galaxy J7 into Safe Mode, a special mode where the phone will operate in default setting with no 3rd party app and no additional files to be found, to identify the source of the problem that happens to this phone.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Troubleshooting

When problem happens to a smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy J7, there are many possibilities that people should look into. Rebooting the phone and clear cache are part of these possibilities. Another area to look into is the possibility that there is 3rd party app that caused havoc to the phone’s system.

In this matter, to detect whether 3rd party app really caused the problem or not is by boot the phone into Safe Mode.

In Safe Mode, the phone operates in the default setting. No 3rd party app will work in this mode, so when one of those apps that really caused the problem, then none of those problems will show up in this mode.

To boot Samsung Galaxy J7 into Safe Mode, follow this guide:

  1. Power off the phone by press and hold the Power button until “Power menu” appear. Choose “Power Off” option.
  2. When the phone is off, press and hold Power button once more.
  3. When Samsung logo appear on the screen, release Power button and replace it with Volume Down button.
  4. Keep pressing Volume Down button to boot the phone not into standard mode, but to Safe Mode.

When the phone boot into Safe Mode, the Safe Mode text appear on the bottom left of the screen. None of the 3rd party app names will appear and if they do, they are grayed out and inaccessible.

Run the phone, as usual, check the phone’s function and default app. Does it work properly?

Do any of the issue that show up in standard operating mode show up in here as well?

If the phone works flawlessly in Safe Mode, it is obvious that one or perhaps several 3rd party apps on the phone is not working as it should be. The next task is to find which app that caused the whole thing and disable it.

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