How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx that Won’t Charge

Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx Rustyni

Charging issue on Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx could happen for many different reasons and looking out the possible reasons will help you to deal with it properly and solve this issue for good.

Charging issue on Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx, where if won’t charge is actually happen a lot. This kind of issue happens not only on this type of phone but another phone as well. Luckily, being a common issue, we could find lots of possible solution to deal with it.

Charging Port and Phone’s USB

Check the phone’s USB and charging port. Is there any debris that blocks the way? What about the pin connector? Does it look okay or does it have some broken and bent pint? If it’s dirty, clean it up. If its bent pins, straighten them up and check how it works.

Charging Cable

Check the cable. Does it look okay? Perhaps there is broken part of the cable that stops the current from running freely? Run your hand throughout the cable length. Is there any bump or unnatural shape on it? Broken cable is a possible case in this issue and changing the cable with a new one should solve it.

Power Adapter

What about the power adapter? Does it work as it should be? Does it have any burnt smell on it? If that so, change it with another power adapter that has the same specification and sees how it goes.

System Crash

A system crash caused a lot of things including making the phone thinking that the battery is still full and makes the charging process didn’t make any changes to the battery. Restart the phone will clear out this issue. Or you can take a more drastic approach by pulling out the battery and press Power button for one minute to drain stored electricity. After that, put the battery back on and charge it.

Once you do all that and nothing works, it is time to bring the phone to a tech and let them analyze it further to determine the cause and fix it properly.