How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx Rustyni

Clues on how to deal with Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx screen that won’t auto rotate including the possible cause of this issue and also recognizing the time when professional help is needed to solve this problem.

How often do you enjoy the auto rotate feature on your Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx? Isn’t it nice to have something so helpful such as auto rotate feature, which will rotate the screen orientation based on how we hold up the phone? It works better when we want to view something such as video or playing game where landscape orientation works better than portrait.

It also didn’t hurt that auto rotate feature is so easy to disable and enable anytime we need it. It makes things easier for everyone.

But what if one day you find that the auto rotates feature didn’t work as it used to be? Doesn’t it work when you move the phone horizontally and then back to vertical position? What are you going to do?

Let’s start by checking its setting. It is possible you accidentally disable the feature so check this one first. Swipe down the screen and bring Quick Settings in view and look for Auto Rotate icon. Does it still enable or not? If it’s not, tap to turn it on.

You also can check for this setting through “Settings > Display > Auto-Rotate Screen”. Make sure the box next to the feature name is checked. Now, move the phone horizontally to check for it. Does it work? Does the screen orientation have move along with the screen or not?

Still not working? Perhaps the phone is a crash or some minor glitch disturbs the system. In this case, a simple restarting will do the job to clear those glitches and bring everything back to normal. Restart the phone like you used to by press and hold the Power button to bring Power menu and choose Restart.

How does it work now? Does the auto rotate screen have worked once you restart the phone? Still not working? This is when you need to take the phone to the technician, just in case it caused by a hardware issue.