How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J3 V that Won’t Charge

Samsung Galaxy J3 V

Samsung Galaxy J3 V that won’t charge means you will end up with unusable smartphone, so you need to take immediate action to deal with this issue and have the phone charge back like it used to be.

Samsung Galaxy J3 V that Won’t Charge – What are you going to do if your Samsung Galaxy J3 V won’t charge at all? Now, there are several possibilities here and we are going to explore all of it until you find the one that works for your situation. Just keep trying and only when you have run out of possible troubleshooting action then you can bring the phone to a technician.

Start it by taking out the battery for a while and during this time, press Power button to release any stored electricity in its capacitor. When you do this, it will help to refresh the phone and clear out all sort of crashed or frozen issue. Once you do that, put the battery back and try to charge it once more.

If the above solution didn’t work, then it’s time to check the whole part of the charging system in your phone. Start with the power adapter. You may want to bring your nose to smell it to check whether there is any burnt charge. Check also for any debris, lint or corrosion in there. Try to use other charger, to make sure where the problem lies.

Other part of the charging system in your phone that you need to check is the USB and its charging port. Does any of that part show something unusual such as corrosion or perhaps bent connector? Straight up the bent connector using toothpicks before give it another try.

Don’t forget to check the cable as well. Broken cable wont’ deliver the current, which means it won’t charge the phone. Check for any irregularities in the cable. Confirm your suspicion using other cable to charge the phone and if it works, you know that you got trouble cable.

Try everything mentioned above to fix this issue. In most cases, those solutions will work okay, unless the issue happens after the phone exposed to water or perhaps it was crashed. It means you got some real issue and better contact the specialist.