How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 that Won’t Turn On

How to Hard Reset / Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy J3 2017

Troubleshooting guide for Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 that won’t turn on complete with the possible cause of it to help user understand completely what is going on with their phone so they don’t’ do something that they don’t really understand.

Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 that Won’t Turn On – Troubleshooting guide for an issue that happen to a smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 requires more than just step by step solution. It needs to explain about the cause of the problem as well as how the troubleshooting action works to solve that issue.

In this article, we will discuss about Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 that won’t turn on. For this particular issue, the possible troubleshooting action along with complete explanation about it is:

Force reboot

Force reboot the phone will get rid of any firmware crashes. Firmware is responsible for some many things including the flow of the current. It if crashes, it will make it impossible to turn the back on and the only way to clear it is by reboot the phone. To force reboot the phone, pull out the battery, press Power button for a minute, place the battery back and turn it back on.

Charging the phone

The phone needs power that comes from the battery to work. If the battery is empty, the phone won’t work. Charging the phone will clear this issue. Just make sure that during charging process, the whole charging indicator such as LED indicator or charging icon show up, or it sign that something is wrong with the hardware.

Reboot the phone to special mode

Reboot the phone to special mode such as Safe Mode and Recovery Mode will show lots of thing.

If it can reboot to Safe Mode, then there is problem with 3rd party app, because the whole 3rd part is disabled temporary in this mode so it won’t bother the system. If it can’t reboot to Recovery Mode, then there is problem with the phone hardware that may require professional help.

Give each of these troubleshooting actions a try until you find the one that works for your issue and have the phone back to normal again.