How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J1 that Won’t Charge

Samsung Galaxy J1 Rustyni

Troubleshooting guide for Samsung Galaxy J1 that for some reason won’t charge and leave you with practically useless device, so by the end of it, you can have it fully charged and ready to use.

Samsung Galaxy J1 that Won’t Charge – When you find that your Samsung Galaxy J1 troubled, the first thing that you can do is look for trustable and reliable information about the issue. If you are dealing with Samsung Galaxy J1 that won’t charge, this troubleshooting guide should help you to solve this issue. Unless there is some major issue with the phone’s hardware or software, these actions should fix this issue for good.

Clear the Glitch or Firmware Crash

Do you know that glitch and firmware crash could happen to your phone and cause all kind of problem with it? A smartphone that won’t charge may happen because of this. Clear the glitch and firmware crash will solve the issue so you can resume charging the phone.

You need to take the phone, release its back cover, pull out the battery, press Power button for one minute and then put the battery back on. Now, charge the phone. If it happens because there is some glitch in the system, your phone should charge just okay right now.

Use Different Charger

Replace the current charger with another charger with the same specification. A broken charger is usually the cause for this issue and replacing it should fix this problem.

Use Different Cable

Broken cable also happens all the time. To make sure whether this is the cause of this issue or not, replace the current cable with another.

Check the USB and Charging Port

Take a closer look to the USB and charging port. Does anything block the way, such as debris or dirt? Do any of the connector look bent or not? If you find any of those signs, you know exactly what to do. Clean it up and straighten the bent connector before you try to charge your phone.

Still not getting any luck with those actions? Take it to a technician that could dig deeper to find the real cause of the issue and have it fix for you.