How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Halo that Won’t Turn On

Samsung Galaxy Halo

Samsung Galaxy Halo that won’t turn on is a power related issue with several troubleshooting possibilities that should help phone owner to deal with this issue before attempting to look for professional help.

A smartphone that won’t turn on is a pretty common issue. It happens to any type of smartphone and it could happen to a Samsung Galaxy Halo as well. When dealing with this power related issue, there are several possibilities that are worth to look at before going to a technician to get some help.

Charge the battery

The first thing to try when a Samsung Galaxy Halo won’t turn on is to charge the battery. If the battery is running out of power, the phone won’t turn on. Connect the phone to a charger and make sure that the charging icon shows up on the screen as a sign that the charging process is running. After that, wait for a couple of minutes before turn on the phone.

Force reboot

Glitches on the phone system could stop the phone from being turned on. Clear out these glitches by force reboot the phone. Pull out the battery and press Power button for one minute. If this issue happens because of glitches, and if the battery is full, the phone should be back on in no time.

Boot into Safe Mode

A bad application could bring a problem to a smartphone including stopping it from being turned on. Boot the phone into Safe Mode to check for this possibility. If the phone able to boot into Safe Mode, then it is obvious there is a 3rd party app on the phone that responsible for it.

Boot into Recovery Mode

The last thing to try is to boot the phone into Recovery Mode. Android interface won’t be loaded in Recovery Mode, so if the source of this issue is in there, the phone won’t have a problem to boot into this mode.