How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Halo that Won’t Charge

Samsung Galaxy Halo

Recognizing the possible cause of Samsung Galaxy Halo that won’t charge to find out the best solution to deal with this issue and have the phone able to charge once more and ready to use in no time.

A Samsung Galaxy Halo that refuses to charge is a disturbing problem. If the phone won’t charge, there is no way to use it. The best way to deal with this issue is to take a look at these several possibilities of the thing that may cause it in the first place.

Firmware crash

Firmware crash may fool the system to think that it has full battery so it won’t charge. To deal with this issue, remove the battery from the phone and press Power button for one minute to drain stored electricity in its capacitor. After one minute put the battery back and charge the phone.

Broken charger

A broken or damaged charger won’t be able to do its job. Check the charger or power adapter carefully. A burnt smell indicates there is something burned down inside. Use different charger with the same specification to charge the phone. If the other charger can charge the phone, it is obvious that the other charger is damaged.

Damaged cable

Check for any sign of break and irregularities on the cable. Does anything show up? Is there any bump and irregularities along the cable? Try to charge the phone using another cable. If it works, then it is obvious that the old cable is damaged.

Bent connector

Check the connector on the charger and the port. Does everything look normal? A broken, bent or corroded connector will not run the current that makes the phone won’t charge. Clear for any dust and debris that block the way as well. This way, the current will be able to run freely.

If everything seems normal and still the phone won’t charge, there is a possibility that something inside the phone is damaged. It is time to take the phone to a technician to have a better look of the phone.