How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Halo Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

Samsung Galaxy Halo

Learn all about automatic screen rotation on Samsung Galaxy Halo, what to do about when it won’t auto rotate and recognize the sign of a bigger problem that requires assistance from a professional technician.

Auto screen rotation is a convenient feature of a smartphone that increases user experience. It changes the screen orientation from portrait to landscape depend on how the phone was used.

In Samsung Galaxy Halo, the same screen auto rotation feature is also present. But sometimes, the auto screen won’t auto rotate. How to fix this problem?

The first thing to do is to make sure that the auto rotates screen feature has been turning on. If the feature was turned off, turn it back on to make it work. Check for the setting of this feature from:

Quick Settings panel. Swipe down the screen to bring Quick Settings in view. Find auto rotate icon and tap it to enable it. If the icon was highlighted in yellow, it means the feature was on.

✔ Go to Settings > Display > Automatic Screen Rotation. Check the box next to this feature to enable it.

After making sure that the feature has been turning on, check to see whether it works or not by changing the phone position from vertical to horizontal. If the feature works, the screen should auto rotate.

If the screen still won’t auto rotate, reboot the phone. A system crash or glitch may stop this feature from working properly and reboot the phone should clear the crash. Reboot the phone like the way you use to and the wait for it. After reboot, check for this feature once more. Does it work or not?

If nothing works, there could be a hardware problem on the phone. This is not something to deal alone. It will be better to have a tech, a Samsung tech to take a look at it. They could take a better look on the inside part of the phone to see the cause of this issue and get it fix.