How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Halo

Samsung Galaxy Halo

Learn how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Halo and find out all the things about this unique feature and how to make a change on it, delete it, and also share it with other people using the available app.

Do you know about a screenshot? The screenshot is what the name states, where you take a shot on your phone screen. How to do that? That is easy. Below you will find information about screenshot, not just on how to take one but more than that.

Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Halo

Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Halo is so easy. Make sure to press and hold Home key and Power key on the phone. Press until white border flashes around the edge of the screen, which means that the screenshot has been successfully taken.

View the Screenshot

There are two ways to view the screenshot on this device:

✔ From Notification panel. Right after you take the screenshot, swipe down the screen to bring notification panel. Tap on the screenshot captured notification to view it. At this point, you can share or delete the screenshot right away.

✔ From Gallery. Go to Apps and open Gallery. Select View More > Albums > Screenshot Album. After that, tap on the desired screenshot to have a better look.

Edit, Share and Delete Screenshot

Tap on the desired screenshot to open it. On the bottom of the screen, there are three available options; Edit, Share and Delete. Tap on the desired option to proceed. For example, to share the screenshot using the installed application on the phone, tap Share. A list of available sharing application will open and choose the one that you want and continue with it.

Look at the top of the screen and touch More for more options. It will expand into more options including Details, Slideshow, Set as Contact Picture and Set as Wallpaper. Tap on the desired option to proceed with it. As you can see, there are so many things about screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Halo and you can try them all.