How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Express 3 that Won’t Turn On

Samsung Galaxy Express 3

Step by step guide on how to fix Samsung Galaxy Express 3 that won’t turn on, complete information on how to fix this issue based on the possible cause to make sure that the issue was dealt carefully and properly.

For some reason, your Samsung Galaxy Express 3 won’t turn on. You don’t have any idea what may cause the problem and you need to look for the solution right away.

For whatever problem that happens to your phone, recognizing the possible cause will be very helpful to fix it. Now, here are the lists of things you can do to Samsung Galaxy Express 3 that won’t turn on:

Charge the battery

If the phone is running out of its power source, it won’t turn on. It also means that the only solution for this issue is to charge the battery. Connect the phone to the charger, make sure that charging icon appears as the sign that the charging process works normal, wait for a couple of minutes and then try turn on the phone.

Force reboot the phone

Glitches and crashes could bring chaos to the phone and make it won’t turn on is one of them. Force reboot the phone to fix this issue by removing the battery, press Power button for one minute to release trapped current, put the battery back and turn it on.

Boot to Safe Mode

Boot the phone into Safe Mode. If the phone able to boot successfully into this mode, then the real cause of this problem is one among those 3rd party app. Find the troublemaker and uninstall it before you can turn on the phone on standard mode.

Boot to Recovery Mode

Unable to boot into Safe Mode? It is time to boot into Recovery Mode. If you can do it successfully, then you may get some problem with the firmware and get it look up by a technician.

Try the above troubleshooting action one by one starting from the beginning to find the real cause of this issue so you know the best thing to do about it.