How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Express 3 that Won’t Charge

Samsung Galaxy Express 3

Samsung Galaxy Express 3 that won’t charge happen for numerous reasons. Find out the reasons and you will find the best troubleshooting action to do to fix the problem and have it charge normally as it used to be.

If you can’t charge your Samsung Galaxy Express 3, it means you can’t use the phone any longer. So what are you going to do about it?

You need to go with this list to check for every single part of the charging equipment and make sure everything work in order. This will help you to find out if something didn’t work as it should be so you can fix it right away:

Check the power adapter

Check the power adapter first. Look for any sign of lint and corrosion. If you find one, use air compressed to blow any corrosion.

It is also possible that some part of power adapter was burnt out. Do you smell something burn or not?
The fastest way to check it is by replacing it with another power adapter. If it works, you know that you already find the source of the problem.

Check the cable

Bring your finger to the entire length of the cable. Does it have any bump or unnatural feeling on it?
Use another cable to charge the phone. Does it work? If it does, you get a broken cable in there.

Check the charging port

Make sure no dust and debris clogging the port. Clean them all up using soft cotton. Check the connectors as well. If you find bent connectors, straighten them and give it another try.

Reboot the phone

You can reboot the phone to make sure that the whole thing was not caused by system crash or glitch.

Does any of above methods work? If nothing work and you remember that the problem started after the phone get wet or banged around, then you may have a more serious problem. Have it check by a technician to find out the real cause and get them to fix it.