How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Express 3 Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

Samsung Galaxy Express 3

The auto-rotate screen that is not working on Samsung Galaxy Express 3 could happen for a different reason. Find out more about this issue and the things you can do to make this useful features work as it should be.

Auto rotate feature on Samsung Galaxy Express 3 and other smartphone works automatically to rotate the screen to accommodate the way you view the phone. You don’t have to do the whole thing manually unless you want to.

But there are times when this features stop working. The screen won’t auto rotate even though you had changed the phone’s position over and over. What to do in this situation?

First, always check for the feature setting. Do you already enable it or not. To check for the setting, go for between these two options:

✔ Swipe down the screen and bring “Quick Settings” down. Look for auto rotate icon and tap on it to enable it.

✔ Go to “Settings > Display > Auto-Rotate Screen”. Check the box next to this option to enable this feature.

Now, try it once more. Does it work or it still stuck in its usual position. If it still won’t auto rotate, try rebooting the phone. It is possible that some minor glitches stopping it from working as it should be. Reboot the phone will correct those glitches and make sure everything runs normally.

Reboot or restart the phone by press and hold the “Power button” and choose “Restart” from Power menu. When the phone is already back on, try for the auto rotate screen once mode. If this issue caused by glitches or minor crash on the system, it should have work by now.

What if it still not working? The hardware issue is next in line. Perhaps there is some hardware malfunction on your phone. In this stage, you need to take this phone and have a technician to look at it to find out the real cause. Do not try to open the phone unless you know what to do, to prevent an even bigger problem to come around.