How to Wipe Cache Partition on Samsung Galaxy Express 3

Samsung Galaxy Express 3

Want to know how to wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy Express 3 that was full of corrupted cache? Learn all about it and how it can help to deal with a performance issue on this phone.

Corrupted and outdated cache is a nightmare on a smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy Express 3. Do you know that our phone constantly saving cache data from all sort of application that you use and from all those websites you visit? It’s a good thing because it basically helps the phone to work faster and more efficient.

But, there are times when the cache was corrupted or outdated because it storing something it shouldn’t have. If it happens, you get yourself a problem. The corrupted cache will disrupt the flow and makes an app specifically or the phone itself, in general, didn’t work as smooth as before.

Now you know that corrupted cache could create such issue, so the most logical thing to do is wipe them all out. Since it was only cache data, it won’t erase any important file you have on the phone, which makes it safe to do.

How are you going to wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy Express 3? Please follow the guideline below:

  1. Boot the phone into Recovery Mode. In Recovery Mode, you have the access to perform wipe cache partition action.
  2. In Recovery Mode, the touchscreen is not working. Navigate your way through the menu by using Volume button.
  3. Use Volume button to move between the menu and highlight “Wipe Cache Partition” option.
  4. Press Power button to select this option and wait for the process to complete.
  5. When it’s done, find the “Reboot System Now” option and use Power button to choose it. It should bring the phone back to standard operating mode.

The first couple of seconds after you boot the phone into standard mode, the phone may feel a little bit sluggish. No need to worry because it is entirely normal. The phone is trying to rebuild their cache partition and in no time it will work back at its normal speed minus the entire performance issue that happens before.